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Shoreline Lube Distribution inc. is diversified in two sectors: the distribution of packaged lubricants, abrasives and absorbents in the Atlantic Provinces and Quebec, and the distribution of bulk lubricants in the Maritimes.
A bit of history

Maurice Hébert founded his business on December 6th 1976. He was the lone employee of Maurice Hébert Fuels; a company that evolved to Shoreline Fuels Inc., which continues to distribute heating oil, diesel and gas to today’s local market.

In 1993, to diversify and grow his business, Maurice began distributing lubricants, abrasives and absorbents in the Atlantic Provinces, leading to the creation of Shoreline Lube Distribution Inc.

In 2004, with its unique distribution model, Shoreline won Coastal Packaging’s Distributor of the Year Award.


Today, Shoreline Lube Distribution, located in Grand-Barachois NB, employs 22 staff members and is Irving Lubricant’s Major Distributor in the Atlantic Provinces.

We are a family owned business built on strong and loyal relationships with our clients and suppliers. We pride ourselves on prompt and courteous customer service. Our knowledgeable, friendly and bilingual team are always available and willing to answer your questions and help with your business' needs.



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